American InterContinental University Site Review

American InterContinental University (AIU) has been helping students gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to pursue the next level of their professional development since 1970. They have campuses across the United States and in London England, as well as an award-winning Virtual Campus that was recognized as “Best of the Best” in the Education and Academia category of the 2009 Computerworld Honors Program.

Home Page 6.3 of 10

Although the home page has plenty of potential, with nice blue, white, and gray color combinations, it is too long and has way too many visible links. Most other websites have traditional navigation that allows you to hover over the main headings which then bring up sub navigation links, whereas this website takes you to another page which then has the additional links you need to click on, so really an extra unnecessary step. Also, near the bottom of the page, and this is why the website home page is so long, they have over 60 visible links spread out in 6 columns which takes up so much space and does not look so attractive either.

After about a minute of looking around the home page a window popped up offering to start a live chat session with an online representative. While this is a proactive way of enquiring as to whether your web visitors need assistance, some find this to be quite intrusive and an extra pop up to have to close. While other online university websites have a live chat link, none of them just popped up without the user having to initiate the contact. This is really a personal preference as to whether you like this feature or not, we were OK with it because it was easy to close the window if we needed to.

In the top section of the home page they do have all of the pertinent links conveniently located, such as the search field, request info, apply now, live chat, and virtual campus login. The next section underneath this has eight main navigation links which are easily visible and accurately describe what page you are being linked to. The next section is large and occupied by graphics and photos. Unlike other online university websites that have this section rotating between about 3 and 5 different banners, this area is static and requires you to click links that run down the right hand side. The concept is good and there are 6 links/tabs to click on that take you to different summary pages, but the text for each of the links runs vertically, and in our opinion is somewhat difficult to read.

The next section of the website which runs from the middle all the way to the bottom of the home page is really kind of messy and not very well organized. There are a lot of useful links such as latest news and events and request for an AIU catalog, to name a few, but it is difficult to follow and just seems too spread out for our liking.

Our overall opinion is that the university is large, well known, and has been around since 1970, but the website is just not streamlined enough for our liking even though the content is good, it just needs to be more organized.

Aesthetics 7/10
Organization & Ease of Use 6/10
Code Validation 6/10

PR: 6/10
Alexa Rank: 112,964
Compete Rank: 22,462
mozRank: 5.82
Back links Google: 157
Indexed Pages Google: 1,120

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