Baker College Online Site Review

Baker College was founded in 1911 and is the largest independent college in the state of Michigan. According to their website they have the most focused approach to education and training available. They believe that going to college should lead you directly to a great career, and their slogan is “Training for the fastest growing careers in the shortest possible time.”

Home Page 8.0 of 10

Since Baker College has nine campuses and six branch locations, they have a separate link on their home page to take you to the Baker Online section which is exclusively set up and designed for students looking to get an online education. This is different than most of the other websites we have reviewed and we found it to be a nice feature since the information is more focused and specific to their online courses. If at any time you wish to switch back to the main home page, there is a convenient link in the top left corner of every page to enable you to do this.

The colors used on the website are clean and easy to navigate, using combinations of dark blue, light blue, and dark gray. The search field is easily accessible in the top right corner of every page and running across the top of the page and directly to the left of the search field are five links that are primarily for existing students to log in to specific information about their education and classes.

Directly underneath the student links are the main navigation links, of which there are seven that run from left to right. These links are in a rich blue color and have a small arrow to the right of them to indicate that when you hover over them, they will bring up sub navigation links. The design is nice and the links are easy to follow, but the one negative is that the first two main links for Future Students and Current Students have over twelve sub navigation links that when you hover over them, the links near the bottom are out of sight because they run off the view of the page. This may be corrected by changing your screen resolution, but we would have liked to have seen less sub navigation links, or at least spread them out in to other categories.

The main section of the website is well laid out with the main text content running down the middle with links and banners running down the left and right hand side within their own columns. In this section you can find out lots of information on their graduate programs, enrollment information, live chat, testimonials, and request more information. Live chat is available on quite a few online university websites, but what we didn’t like about this one is that it is only available from 6-10pm EST, Mon – Fri. Naturally we assumed that they did this because this is when most of their prospective students were looking to communicate with someone, but we just felt that there are still people during the normal course of a business day that may want to chat with someone to obtain more information.

There are four more columns of text links at the bottom of the homepage that seem to summarize their most viewed pages. These are easy to see and navigate, and underneath these links they have icons that lead you to their social networking pages.

Aesthetics 9/10
Organization & Ease of Use 9/10
Code Validation 6/10

PR: 5/10
Alexa Rank: 107,596
Compete Rank: 12,044
mozRank: 5.02
Back links Google: 320
Indexed Pages Google: 4,740

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