Boston University Site Review

Boston University Online is a unique collaboration between the Office of Distance Education and faculty members throughout the many Schools and Colleges that comprise of Boston University. You can tell as soon as you arrive on the website that it is much smaller than the most of the other online universities, but at the same time it is clear, concise and to the point.

Home Page 7.0 of 10

The colors used are blue, gold, and white, which do go well together and offer an easy way to see and navigate all of the links. In the top right section of the home page there are six main links that take you to a search page, alumni page, about, contact us, and sitemap. Directly underneath this is a link for existing students, faculty, facilitators, and students to login.

The next section of the home page comprises of 4 main navigation links in white with a gold background. Unlike most other websites, these links take you directly to the page you want to go to, instead of bringing up a set of sub navigation links. On the BU website, the would-be sub navigation links are neatly stacked beneath the main links, are visible all the time, and can be clicked on without having to hover over the main links. BU are able to provide this type of navigation structure since their website is much smaller than most of the others, so they have capitalized on their small size by offering very accessible links throughout their website.

The next part of the home page which is the main section, is divided in to two columns. Here you will find relevant information about enrolling in their programs, why you should choose BU for distance education, a link to their blog, what’s new with their programs, and an embedded video that gives you an overview of their online programs from a student’s perspective. Students are interviewed throughout the 3 min 45 sec video, explaining why they chose BU for their online education, and how their degree has helped them in their personal and professional life.

One area that was not common with the other online university websites was a link to their respective blog. BU operates their own blog where they interview current students who already have careers to demonstrate how you can still have a professional and prominent career while attending a BU distance program. They also have video interviews on the blog, as well as blog posts on getting to know some of the members of staff, recent awards the university has earned, and any upcoming events that you can attend.

Unlike any of the other websites we reviewed, the search field on the BU website is located in the bottom right hand corner of the home page which we did not find to be the most convenient. Our preference is the top left or top right.

Aesthetics 6/10
Organization & Ease of Use 8/10
Code Validation 7/10

PR: 5/10
Alexa Rank: 6,959
Compete Rank: 4,718
mozRank: 4.45
Back links Google: 1340
Indexed Pages Google: 141,000

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Boston University Screenshot