Capella University Site Review

Capella University is an accredited online university that has a website that reflects its slogan, which is “Respected degree programs in a rich, online learning environment — so you can move forward without leaving the rest of your life behind.” The colors are rich, using dark and light burgundy, and gray throughout, and you are made aware of the type of environment they are conveying to you that their staff and programs offer.

Home Page 7.0 of 10

The home page is very concise and to the point, and very compact so you do not have to scroll down the page to find everything you need to about their online degree program offering. Please read further to find out more about the Capella University website.

In the top right corner there are links for admission login and iguide login for those that are already registered with the University. Also in the top right hand corner, which is a convenient place for this, is a search field which we found works very well compared to some other websites. The results you obtain are accurate and relevant, and there are at least 8 times more results yielded for a search for “MBA programs” than any other website we have reviewed. After the first 50 or so results and links, the remaining results are not as relevant, but when most other websites only returned about 10-12 links from the same search, it was impressive.

The main navigation for the website runs down the left hand side, and the page links are expanded by pressing a plus button, rather than hovering over the link to reveal sub navigation links. This does keep things in order and stops you from becoming too overwhelmed with tons of different links. There are nine main navigation links including a “contact us” page, and the remaining 8 main links all open up to between 2-9 sub navigation links.

As with most other online university websites, this website has a rotating image banner which is located in the center of the home page and leads to 5 different pages such as students sharing how their learning journey was a beneficial one, and a virtual office tour focused on the university’s support services.

We watched the virtual office tour which is a very well put together 4 minute video that shows you different departments of the university and brief interviews with a variety of employees ranging from enrollment to IT. We believe that this is an excellent selling feature and certainly makes you feel comfortable that Capella University cares about your career, and is not just out to sign you up for any old program. In addition to the 4 minute overview video, they also have short 30-45 second video interviews/introductions of 18 different staff members, so you can get to know a little bit about the people you will be talking with prior to making any direct contact with the university.

The remaining aspects of the website are well organized and include such things as latest news, links to social networks, live chat, which worked well and seems to be customized to their own specifications and handled internally and not by a 3rd party provider. You can also request a free university guide which does require you to fill in quite a few fields, but it seems as if they want to prequalify you and make sure they have an understanding of what you are interesting in pursuing before mailing you further information.

Aesthetics 9/10
Organization & Ease of Use 9/10
Code Validation 3/10

PR: 7/10
Alexa Rank: 16,752
Compete Rank: 4,380
mozRank: 5.99
Back links Google: 503
Indexed Pages Google: 2,730

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Capella University Screenshot