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The George Washington University is located in the heart of Washington, D.C. which places them at the core of U.S. government, policy and law. The University was created in 1821 through an Act of the Congress, fulfilling George Washington’s vision of an institution in the nation’s capital dedicated to educating and preparing future leaders.

Home Page 7.0 of 10

Everything from attending an actual campus, of which there are three to choose from, to enrolling in their online university is all contained within the same website which seamlessly directs you to where you need to go without opening up any separate windows or taking you to completely different sections of the website.

The overall look and feel of the home page is good, and the royal blue background color that as you scroll down the page changes to what looks like a border to the page keeps everything neat and uniform and you know exactly where the page is ending. The top right hand corner of the home page is designated with links for students, alumni, faculty, staff, and parents. These links open up when you hover over them to reveal additional sub navigation links ranging between four and ten, so there is an abundance of useful information immediately as you start to navigate the homepage.

Directly underneath these links is a convenient search field. We tested the search field by entering “MBA programs” which yielded over 3000 results. In our opinion this is way too many results to return, and what we did see in the top 20 results was not enough accurate information to take you to the most relevant pages. In summary, this feature did not work as well as we had hoped.

The next section of the home page is the main navigation links which when you hover over them, they bring up additional sub navigation links. The design of this is completely different than any other online university website we reviewed, and actually quite unique! Instead of the sub navigation links appearing vertically underneath the main links, they appear in a fixed area that runs horizontally across the page under the links. This is a very sharp look and one we have not seen before.

Beneath the navigation links is the main text area of the website which is separated in three vertical columns. The text occupies a wide area through the middle and the columns on either side provide more information about the online learning experience. The left hand side has 4 static links, and the right hand side has graphical interchanging banners that lead to pages on specific online degrees you can obtain from the university.

The bottom of the home page has six columns of different links that each have their own category, and in each section there are between three and six additional links to the most sought after information on the website. Apart from the less than impressive search feature, this website has a good overall look, feel, and navigational experience, and lots of important content that you need to be able to read in order to make a decision as to whether you would like to enroll in their online classes.

Aesthetics 8/10
Organization & Ease of Use 8/10
Code Validation 5/10

PR: 7/10
Alexa Rank: 23,147
Compete Rank: 9,164
mozRank: 6.71
Back links Google: 1,740
Indexed Pages Google: 103,000

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