University of Phoenix Site Review

An online Universities website is like it’s campus. If you are taking online classes to work on your online degree then your connection to the University is through it’s website. The University of Phoenix’s website is a good one and to learn more about it just read on.

Home Page: 7.7 of 10

The home page for the University of Phoenix is very welcoming and inviting. We’ll give you a brief description of what we found starting at the top and working our way down the page. Their top bar features a very recognizable logo using white on maroon for great contrast. You can’t miss it. Also on the top bar they have 4 items for you to either contact them or get right into your online courses. They have a convenient 800 number, a request info button that leads to an online form, a live chat button for real time chatting via LiveChat and finally the student login link that is quick and easy to find.

Below that top bar is a horizontal navigation bar that is well organized and features drop down menus to go directly to the specific page of information you may be looking for. It starts off with their colleges and divisions and continues on with admissions, programs, tuition costs, student info, alumni info, faculty info, about the University and a search box.

Below the navigation we find a large marketing box built with flash animation and may differ upon returning to the page. The marketing box features a very welcoming, smiling face with some nice graphical interest created. The main purpose for the box is to let the new visitor know they are available to help answer any questions you may have. I would say it’s a very effective intro to the site.

After the marketing box you’ll see four columns of very pertinent information. The first column is a list of frequently asked questions labeled Quick Links. These are focused on newcomers to the site. The next column is labeled Student Support and lists 3 groups of resources available to assist students with their online education. Next they have a Highlights column that shows some the benefits of becoming part of the University. Lastly in the fourth column, they list items that explain the process of getting started and attending classes at the University. These columns appear to be a very effective use of space.

The last section they offer is a footer that is an expanded version of the navigation bar at the top. It’s a second great entry point into the site for people who have scrolled down past the top navigation bar.

Aesthetics 8/10
Organization & Ease of Use 9/10
Code Validation 6/10

PR: 7/10
Alexa Rank: 1,631
Compete Rank: 493
mozRank: 6.22
Back links Google: 711
Indexed Pages Google: 8,040

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University of Phoenix Screenshot