Walden University Site Review

The Walden University website has been designed for working professionals seeking a higher education. The University was founded in 1970 by two teachers seeking a better way for adults to pursue advanced degrees without having to leave the workforce. The website and online programs offered, allow students to break away from traditional brick and mortar style education, and provide a broader platform for distance education.

Home Page 6.3 of 10

We found that the home page and strategically placed links throughout it, definitely delivered on the promise of Walden University being a student-centered approach to learning that meets the professional and personal needs of an adult learner. We will break down the features of the home page of their website.

The website color scheme is brown and gold throughout the top half of the page, and blue and white at the bottom half of the page. It is surprisingly easy to read and navigate around, and our initial thoughts of the colors not working were proved wrong, because they definitely complement each other throughout the website. The slogan for Walden University is, “A higher degree. A higher purpose.”

At the top of the home page is a search field that we tested, and were very pleased with the results it yielded. It is powered by Google Custom Search and delivers fast and accurate search results. Also at the top of the page in the right hand corner are the University’s toll free number and an “Apply” button. When you apply to the University it does require you to set up a profile on the website which takes a bit of time, but then again, this is an important process, so you shouldn’t expect to fill in just a few fields if you want to be considered for one of the programs
The main navigation links, of which there are seven, run across the top of the page, and when you hover over each one they bring up a sub navigation menu of between 4 and 8 additional links. We found the wide variety of links and ease of accessibility to be a very positive aspect of this website, and they seem to answer just about every question a “would be” and current student may have.

As with some of the other websites we have reviewed, Walden has a rotating banner style image that changes about every 5 seconds and has five different pages it will take you to. Two notable links you can click on are a Virtual Advisor and information on past graduates, which is helpful in establishing the success of others who have gone through their programs.

Further down the page there are links to different programs based on your career, which is helpful because not everyone knows the program they need to enroll in, but they do know the profession they would like to be involved in. There are also additional links to news, events, and videos.
Overall the home page is fairly well organized, but a bit cluttered in places. There are links in certain areas that could really have been incorporated as part of other navigation links, making the site a bit easier to get around.

Aesthetics 9/10
Organization & Ease of Use 9/10
Code Validation 1/10

PR: 7/10
Alexa Rank: 19,984
Compete Rank: 7,508
mozRank: 6.01
Back links Google: 370
Indexed Pages Google: 15,500

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