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An online Universities website should be like campuses where you can find everything you need in order to conduct your studies, and actually take classes and obtain tuition just as if you were going from class to class on a campus. The Westwood College website has been created to provide you with practical information about how to get the most out of your education, and in our opinion the website delivers on its goals. Their website appears to be updated often and provides extensive information and lots of links with informative information for ‘would be’ students, and those already studying through one of the Westwood programs. Please read on to learn more of the specifics of the website.

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The home page for Westwood College is very clean and easy to read and navigate with a white background and predominantly blue and gray text. The slogan for Westwood College is “A Place Where You Can Succeed.” We will give you a brief description of what we found starting at the top of the home page and working our way down. They have a toll free telephone number that is conveniently located in the top right hand corner of the website directly beneath a handy search field.

The main navigation runs across the top of the page and when you hover over each link, it brings up a drop down menu of more links. The navigation is clean but extensive with seven main links running from left to right leading to between five and twelve sub navigation links.

They have a prominent “request info today” box on the right hand side of the page that asks for just basic information such as name, e-mail, zip code, and phone number as well as the location of the campus and program that you are interested in.

Immediately on the left hand side they have a rotating set of 4 different images and links that gives you more information on Westwood College such as information on previous graduates, members of faculty, success stories of students, and independent survey information. Each of these links leads you to more detailed information about the College, including videos that help you make a more informed decision on whether you would like to enroll in one of their programs.

The next section in the main part of the website down the left and middle part is broken in to two different columns which make it easy to read. They have a list with links of the 17 campus locations and the 25+ different programs to choose from. Beneath these two areas, in the same two columns is information on the flexibility Westwood College has to offer, such as their online degree program, and how you can incorporate further education while still maintaining a job. Last but not least in this section of the website is a download link that takes you to a page where you can request information and download a career success kit.

On the right hand side of the website in the same column as the “request info today” box, there are three more sections of useful information and links. They have 10 personalized information links that you can choose from depending on the category of student you are, such as military applicant, international applicant etc. Underneath this is information on Westwood being accredited by two national accrediting agencies, ACCSC and ACICS, both of which are recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Lastly, there is a section of latest news from Westwood, with intro text on each news item with a link to read the full story.

Aesthetics 7/10
Organization & Ease of Use 8/10
Code Validation 2/10

PR: 6/10
Alexa Rank: 57,542
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