Top 10 Online Universities by Chris Stout

Chris Stout has written extensively about distance learning (aka online education) and career advice. He has compiled a list of top 10 online universities based upon his extensive experience in the distance learning arena and we are going to share that list with you.

This top 10 online universities list is certainly full of well-respected schools that have provided quality education online for several years. We always recommend that you do your due diligence and research the colleges that have an interest in. Talk with former students, read their websites and speak with a representative from the school to learn as much as you possibly can about each school.

"The following are ten of the very best online degree programs out there right now, ranked according to quality of course work and quality of online experience:

1. DeVry University
2. University of Phoenix
3. George Washington University
4. Strayer University
5. Walden University
6. Villanova University
7. Kaplan University
8. Ashford University
9. Axia College Online
10. Ellis College Online

Each of these online educators earned their way onto this list by delivering consistent, high quality academics with a minimum of fuss and bother. Different online schools offer differ courses, and your decision about which to attend may be determined more by your chosen course of study than by the school's ranking on this list." (Source: Top 10 Online Universities By Chris Stout -